The museum “Le Macchine da Caffè”  displays the Caffè Cagliari company collection.

It’s one of the world’s largest museum of espresso professional coffee machines, including more than 100 examples characterized by a great historic and stylistic value. The exhibition shows both the evolution of the Italian espresso extracting system during the 20th century and the strong influence of artistic and stilistic trends in the shapes, materials and decorations used to build the machines.Following a chronological path you can admire the first steam-power column-shaped coffee machines of the early 20th century, the manual lever models of the post-war period, up to the first continuous supply examples produced from the 1960s to now.

All coffee machines are original and some of them perfectly-functioning: real Italian technology and design “treasures” originating from the drawings by some of the most prestigious Italian designers, who were able to interpret and adapt the coffee machines on the basis of the social and artistic trends of each historical period.

The collection original core was born from the passion by Giorgio Cavallini from Modena, who has always been engaged in the world of bar espresso coffee machines, and who has skillfully and lovingly collected and restored them in the last decades. Later acquired by Caffè Cagliari, it has then been enriched with pieces of great value and it constantly continues to evolve.

Caffè Cagliari is a historical coffee roasting company from Modena, with more tha 100 years of tradition in the world of coffee. Since its foundation in 1909, it has been preserving and passing on the culture for coffee of high quality. So they decided to share and make this unique collection visible to the largest public possible, through the realization of this museum celebrating one of the most beloved Italian rituals: the espresso coffee.

Because coffee is a timeless passion, tradition, mind, culture and mastery.

Welcome to this extraordinary journey into the history of espresso coffee!